Tropical Fish Store: how to choose a good store to buy fish from

tropical fish store

How to choose a good Tropical Fish Store to purchase fishes and livestock

When buying a new tank mate for our existing community tank or simply purchasing new fish to add to a new tank,

these are the things to look out for when purchasing fishes and live stocks like plants

Example: if you are living in Canada, then you may like to search for Fish forums in Canada who can recommend a good tropical fish store to purchase your live stocks.

Heck, sometimes you may even find a good deal on the forum itself which may have its own
tropical fish store sales forum.

An Alternative way

An alternative way is to ask friends who share the same hobby purchase where to buy
new fishes and or live stocks. Word of mouth is a great way to know if a certain tropical fish store is reputable to buy from.

The last way would, of course, take time and money ( to travel around ) I prefer this method best as I get to see the fishes and live stocks
before deciding on a purchase. I would not purchase on the first time around as I like to look for the best value and widest range of tropical fishes I can find.

Of course, I would first do an online search about the tropical fish stores around my area.

I would read reviews about them and if none were available I would drive directly to the particular fish store which I am interested to get my fishes/livestock from.

When arriving at the Tropical Fish Store, I would look out for the health of the fishes / live stocks :

Are there any dead fishes in the tanks? I try to look out for disease in a tank, ie white spot, growths or fungal or bacterial infections in fishes. If there is STOP! Do not buy fishes from these tanks even if they look healthy.

The sick ones could have already passed on the disease to the healthy fishes as they are in the same tank and most diseases are spread through water.

Do the fishes look lively or stressed out? Fishes which are healthy tend to show good colors eg. Neon tetras, if they are healthy and lively
their red and neon blue will look really “glowy” and they will school together in the tank.

If you see any fish which is not schooling together it could be ill or dying.

Another way to see if they are healthy and alert is to put your hand at the top of the tank ( this is a reflex action of the fishes, they would all
rush to the top to see if there is any food available for them to eat) most of the time if the fishes are well kept they would respond to this action.

Things to take note of before purchase

4. Do you see any fishes kept in small bags which look like they’ve been in there for a long time?

This is not a good sign as from experience I know that fishes kept in small bags like these are usually not in good health.

You may see that fishes kept in bags like these looks stressed ( do not show good color ) and may have sunken stomachs which are
a general sign that they have not eaten for a long time.

5. From personal experience, I would select a store that keeps fishes in tanks with proper filtration. Fishes must not have sunken stomachs, as this is an indicator of poor health.

6. Other livestock like Aquarium Plants should look dark green and lush, not yellowish or brownish. The easiest way to identify healthy plants are Marimo moss balls ( if they have stock of these plants ) They must be a dark green lush color and firm to the touch.