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Tips to keep your Aquarium Fishes Healthy

Tips to keep your Aquarium Fishes Healthy

Temperature Control For Your Aquarium

When it comes to caring for your fishes, temperature control is one of the most important aspects.

Although we may really feel the weather outside, your aquarium fish are more likely to suffer from any drastic changes to temperature which may occur inside the tank.


So the following tips are worth noting:

1) Ensure that you switch the lights off during the hottest part of the day.

2) Check that your heater is properly working and keeping a steady temperature. Water which is too warm may result in the fish suffocating.

3) If you need to make any change in temperature always do so gradually.


Regular Care and Maintenance of Your Aquarium

Regular care and maintenance should involve vigorous aeration and filtration. Make sure that you clean your tank out regularly to ensure that the fish remain healthy .


General Tips

Following these general tips should lead to a better environment for your fishes:

1)Limit the number of fish in your tank to maximize the amount of oxygen for each fish. It will also help minimize the number of times you will need to clean the aquarium.

2)Make sure that you think about the positioning of the aquarium – it shouldn’t be in direct sunlight as this may increase the amount of algae.

3)Research the fish before you buy. You need to check that each fish you put into the tank is compatible with the general environment and with the other fish.

4)You should change at least 25-40 % of the water in the tank weekly to help maintain a healthy water balance for your fish

Now you know the basic fundamentals of keeping your tank optimal for your fishes health and well being . Remember a well maintained aquarium is an one full of happy fishes.  Enjoy !