SUNSUN Aquarium LED Lighting


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SUNSUN Aquarium LED Lighting


1. 7500k natural ecological light, promote the growth of aquatic plants.
2. Adjustable stainless steel bracket for different size of tanks.
3. 120°best light angle, can best effectively promote the photosynthesis.
4. Aluminum alloy shell with heat dissipation function for long time using.
5. Built-in anti-water board to prevent water vapor damaging the lamp beads.
6. Suitable for tank which thickness is less than 12mm.

Power Rate: 12W/14W/18W/24W
Color temperature: 7500K White
Cable Length: About 1m
Color: Silver+Black
6. Material: Aluminum alloy

Tank Length

28-45cm 12 watts, 38-55cm 14 watt, 48 – 65cm 18 watt, 58-75cm 24watt