Moina Macrocopa Live Eggs



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20k/60k/100k Moina Macrocopa eggs.

Moina macrocopa are an excellent Live Food For Killifish, Livebearers, Any Fish, Fry, Juveniles, Tetra, Betta, Bottom Feeders, Breeding,

Carnivores, Cichlids/Discus, Goldfish, Invertebrates, and all Tropical fishes. Sterile and ready for hatching.


20,000 Eggs = 0.2g ( approximate )

60,000 Eggs = 0.6g ( approximate )

100,000 Eggs = 1g ( approximate )

We carry Fairy Shrimps too

Smaller Quantities

Larger Quantites 

Amount of Eggs

20,000 eggs, 60,000 eggs, 100,000 eggs


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