K1 Moving Bed Filter Media


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K1 Moving Bed Filter Media

K1 Moving Bed Media
Very high surface area 500 m2 per m3 – Dramatically increases efficiency.

The wheel shaped structure of K1 is designed specifically to create the most effective environment for the nitrification process to take place. As K1 media matures, bacteria colonizes in the “quiet areas” of each piece of media helping to improve nitrification / de-nitrification.
This enables a well-balanced biological equilibrium to be sustained in your pond to keep sensitive aquatic life such as Shrimps and Fishes healthy and the water crystal clear.
Excellent for Aquatic life breeding tanks as the unique action of the moving K1 reduces ammonia and nitrite much quicker than static media – this means you can feed higher protein foods more often without polluting the water.

Use 1 liter of K1 media per 100 liters aquarium water or 3 liters per 250 liters pond water
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