Eheim Aquacompact 40 External Filter

$130.00 $99.90

Eheim Aquacompact 40 External Filter with media

Eheim has been known for their quality and durability for its aquarium filters.

This filter will keep your fishes happy for many years to come .

Benefits of EHEIM Aquacompact 40

Highly efficient filtration of small size aquariums
Large filter volume for adding media
Autostart: fully automatic self-priming via the inlet integrated into the pump

Throughflow can be adjusted or switched on/off on the filter canister
Completely equipped with coarse filter pad, fine filter pad and bio-filter medium (SUBSTRATpro)

Pump with extendable inlet grill
Adjustable outflow (nozzle/spraybar, wide jet nozzle, elbow and connection pieces included)


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